Short Story: Some of the most essential laundry hacks are from the things you use the most in your day to day life. You will be surprised.

Long Story: Ever since me and my sister were kids, our mother has been making us do laundry the traditional way. To which, we always wondered, if there was a faster and smarter way. 

Luckily in the age of the internet, laundry hacks are starting to come out. 

Trust me, not a day goes by when I have not made a mistake in the laundry room. If I had a dollar for every sweater I have shrunk, colors I have swapped from my laundry basket and all those mishaps that happen do to rushing things, I would be living in the Hamptons (or Dubai Marina in this case)

That is why I have set out to find the best and the most easiest laundry hacks that I wish I knew earlier. Even my toddler niece can apply them to her laundry (if she was to start walking).

Let’s take a look inside and don’t forget to share and verify these ultimate laundry hacks!

If you are one of those who prefer watching than reading, this one’s for you!
Ps: Readers get 2 extra laundry hacks! 😀

1. Throw a small piece of aluminium foil in the dryer

Sara at Budget Friendly Divas demonstrates how this can act as a dryer sheet for not 1, not 2 but 6 months before you would need a new alumunium ball. Isn’t that fantastic?

2. Vinegar to soften fabric?

As the renowned cleaning experts at Ask Anna have said, vinegar is not just best for cooking but also acts as a fabric softener for AND kills bad odors from your clothes. Thats a 2 in 1 benefit!

3. Ice cubes are not just for cold drinks!

The folks at Lifehacker tested this one out and can confirm a wrinkle-free result — so long as you don’t use too many ice cubes, run the dryer on the hottest setting, and don’t overcrowd it with too many items at once.

The good guys at Lifehacker were able to test this one and confirm a wrinkle free result. Yes! Ice cubes can be thrown in the dryer to remove wrinkles! So as long as you don’t go frenzy with those ice cubes and the dryer is on the hottest possible setting you are good to go!

4. Add salt to preserve colors

Apart from serving the delicious umphh on your steak, salt plays an important role in the laundry hack list. Colors!

Don’t just take our word for it, the Lifehacker crew also said, the chloride found in salt helps protect vibrant colors and keeps them from fading too fast in the wash.

5. The good ol’ hairspray

The nasty stains are those caused by ink. Yes, your ball pen or your inkjet pain, these are the toughest to remove. With any alcohol based solvent, you can leave it on for 10 mins and then throw it in the dryer for a quick spin (don’t forget the aluminum foil)

6. Finally, the tennis ball for drying pillows

And hey, not just pillows, even your bedsheets. Adding 2-3 tennis balls into the dryer for your linens will not only help them dry faster but also keep them nice and fluffy, we all like em fluffy. 

This has the seal of approval from Lifehackers.

So that’s it, now go out there and use these tips on your next laundry day.

And when you feel like you have more important things to do than just laundry, feel free to look us up, so you enjoy your day 🙂