There’s been a lot of discussion about “should you really wash your jeans?” or “how often should you wash your jeans?” 

So the jeans were originally used by blue-collar workers back-then, now, jeans are in high fashion, slim-fit jeans, high-waist jeans, ripped-jeans, boyfriend jeans. 

The answer relies on a couple of interesting factors. It really depends on how you’ve been wearing it and what type of jeans is it,  the original denim, you can really wear them unwashed for as long as for a month. Assuming the weather is nice and cold.

The Levi’s CEO says “A good pair of Denim doesn’t really need to be washed in the washing machine except for very infrequently or rarely.”

People tend to wash jeans less than the regular clothes fearing that the jeans might leave out the color, soften the jeans material, jeans might get shrunk etc.

As you wear jeans, the fibers and weave loosen. What sometimes start to stretch out, and jeans fit looser as you wear them more and more. This might make the fabric more vulnerable to breakage. 

If you like to keep your jeans pristine, the best way is to get it treated by laundry experts, as at home usually jeans are washed and dried either with high temperature dryers which contributes to shrinking and fading of the jeans, we understand the suffering 🙁 

So after a brief discussion above, how would you treat your jeans, let us know below.