360° Services for the all size laundries


With a one stop solution of hardware and software, your laundromat stays up to date in real time

Market Place

Increase your orders and customer database by joining a collection of laundromats in the region


Kickstart your logistics by getting access to our latest fleets & enjoy partnered branding

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the POS system cost?

Our POS system pricing tiers are crafted for your business needs. Contact our POS expert to get a laundromat visit scheduled. 


I want more visibility to my laundry, how do I join the Justclean Marketplace?

Justclean Marketplace provides incredible amount of exposure and business expansion opportunities. Our marketplace expert can be contacted for more information.


What's Justclean Fleet system?

With our Fleet system, you don’t need to worry about pick ups and drop offs. Leave the logistics hassle to us. Contact our Fleet experts for more information.


Is there a specific laundromat requirement to join Justclean Marketplace?

All laundries which are able to wash & pick and drop customers laundry is eligible to join the Marketplace on our app.


What features are included in the POS system?

The POS system offers various easy to use advanced features to provide you a 360 solution. All settings are language based and the entire system set up within a day. 

"I used the app when I was in Dubai for few days to clean suits. Great and reliable services. However, a more advanced search engine (using several criteria) would be welcome." - JS Gourdet

"I have more laundries to browse with different prices with free pickup and delivery, the good thing is the prices of the laundries are same. " - Fahad Z.Ahmad

" Makes life so convenient as i no longer have to spend my weekends doing laundry." - Nidin Pereira

"Unique idea and creative one , but if we can get more explanation about the laundry bag , it's confusing us and the laundries hope they improve in the future!" - Mohamed Elchaar

" With living in Dubai there is no shortage of laundromats and laundry apps. Just clean's fast service (4 hour turn around time) saved me a day or even 2 of waiting." - Rafey Hashmi


We offer 360° solutions for laundry services. From market place to Saas, POS & fleet, we support customers and professionals.