About Us

An international vision with an Arab touch

Launched in 2016 by the founders and brothers Athbi & Nouri Al Enezi, justclean was born from the idea of developing an organised laundry market-place, where people, through a simple click, can choose their required laundry service from a concise pre-selected list.

Inspired by growing e-commerce business in the region, and the lack of technology within this industry, they grabbed the opportunity of combining both initiatives to develop a highly functional App that would translate a traditional industry from offline to online. 

Originally launched in Kuwait under the brand name MASBAGTI, the demand for the new App started to grow in GCC and after one year the team decided to move on with changing the name, to “justclean” in order to advance and supply internationally.​ 

justclean has non-only organised the laundry market place, it has revolutionised a traditional off-line service to make it user friendly, convenient, hassle free and up-graded customer habits.​

A 360° solution for laundries owner

POS, Laundry back office & Fleet on demand

Today justclean is

  • Over 300 Laundries
  • 5 countries covered
  • Over 150 team members
  • Thousands of daily orders

    A middle East Story

    Our story started in Kuwait. We’re now operating from all GCC countries.

    A global vision

    Our ambition is to become one of the first Arab startup to provide solutions in all 4 continents.

    Why to consider justclean?

    Timely Turnaround

    We provide 24/7 support. Our biggest challenge is to be with you whenever you need.

    Low Prices, High Quality

    Our pricing is here to support the local ecosystem of laundries. We are here to grow with our partners.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Our team is here to give you full satisfaction or you will be fully refunded. 

    Want to know more about our story?

    We are proud to be fully transparent with our users and partners. Discover all the publications about our story.

    "I used the app when I was in Dubai for few days to clean suits. Great and reliable services. However, a more advanced search engine (using several criteria) would be welcome." - JS Gourdet

    "I have more laundries to browse with different prices with free pickup and delivery, the good thing is the prices of the laundries are same. " - Fahad Z.Ahmad

    " Makes life so convenient as i no longer have to spend my weekends doing laundry." - Nidin Pereira

    "Unique idea and creative one , but if we can get more explanation about the laundry bag , it's confusing us and the laundries hope they improve in the future!" - Mohamed Elchaar

    " With living in Dubai there is no shortage of laundromats and laundry apps. Just clean's fast service (4 hour turn around time) saved me a day or even 2 of waiting." - Rafey Hashmi


    We offer 360° solutions for laundry services. From market place to Saas, POS & fleet, we support customers and professionals.